Friday, March 03, 2006


My Family Crest After having looked everywhere for the other half of the BFF neck ornament I had purchased for my "sig" and coming up on Empty, I began to fret. How could I have been so careless? How could I ever make it up to her? Draing told me to try to remember the last place I saw it.
Eureka, Missouri! The last place that I saw it was on the hotdog I was eating. I had it draped around my neck just like a Best Friend (one of a pair that lasts forever) should have done, and, it had flopped into the layers of sustenence surrounding the puppy. However, I believe now that I might have consumed it on accident. Can you blame me, though? The Hot Dog was Chicago style. Decadence!
Hot Dog!
It was a hearty lunch to be sure.

Now, I need to decide how to handle this. Truth or Fiction? Seeing as I'm a role model and all, I have no choice but for the truth. The truth is always right, unless you are discussing how a woman looks, of course. But, how shall I "spin" this as your politicians are known to do. I must gestate this idea.
Bah! Who would think that my greatest adversary would be my own desire to sustain myself! Now shadowQueen23's neckace is truly alone...


or maybe unique?

Yes, she has a one of a kind BFF necklace! I need supporting arguments, post-haste! Um, I injested my half so... that... it will be with me always... Yes. Elegant? Check. Logical? Check. Perfect? Of course.
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