Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Emissions Introspection

My Family Crest I received a notice from our state governmental body declaring that I needed to submit my Earth transportation machine to a series of tests to ensure that it would both operate safely and within the acceptable bounds of toxic emissions. It is humorous to me that your government concludes that there are acceptable bounds to pollutants, and that they are just not restricted outright. As if there is a just-peachy amount of compound fractures one is capable of enduring... Regardless, as a law-abiding (and most times enforcing) citizen I considered it my duty to comply.

Imagine the look on the faces of the Emission Inspection Engineers when I rolled up on Mooser.

A moose by any other name...

This is my mount, Mooser. He's a Transmender meaning that he can take the form of whatever he pleases by enacting micro transformations throughout his hull. He is not bound to any kind of silly limitation like a set of pre-defined transformations. Oh, no. Moose, plane, boat, train... Whatever vehicular manifestation I need, Mooser provides.

We would've passed with aviating colors had it not been for the oily rag I had fashioned into a makeshift gas cap. They assured us that if we simply returned with our paperwork and a new, environmentally cognizant fuel cork, then everything would be right as rain. What they forgot to addendumize, though, is exactly what kind of rain everthing would resemble.

Namely, they were referring to the acidic type. Upon return to the station with the proper fuel storage stoppage device, we were met with a line of cars so long that it began where it ended. Mooser began to quake with agitation, so I dismounted and promptly took my paperwork and cap into the office area. I was non-promptly told that I would have to wait in line where a technician (i.e. the person talking to me) would be able to better examine the gas cap. Mooser overheard this and actual-promptly began airing his grievances upon to the facility, crew and landmarks surrounding the testing station.
At least there's plenty of parking now.

They have begun designing the new Emissions Inspection Facility.
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