Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Crunch Wrap Supreme Let Down

Draing's Favorite Grade I took a cue from Big Crazy John and decided to purchase me one of those Crunch Wraps. If he's eating them, then they must be good for your chakras or some crap. To be honest, I find these things to be quite anti-climactic when you actually get your hooks into them... The commercials on TV try to make it sound like every taste sensation Taco Bell is capable of producing is somehow contained within this one, high-caloric, meat pastry.
...Can see the future!

That may be technically true, but I've found that the actual amount of flavor is fairly miniscule. We're talking quantity over quality, I guess. It's like they use the lettuce as a filler just like the average Pearl Jam album now consists of one song worthy of hummage with 11 or so throw-away 4-chord-wonders. The ingredient ratio as I see it is 1 part tortilla to 63.4 parts Lettuce to 10 parts remaining miscellaneous Taco Bell ingredients.

I saw Eemos chowing down on one the other day, too. But, he had thrown it into a bowl of chili, since he said that it looked like a gigantic oyster cracker. It's not the worst dietary compound I've ever seen. That distinction would go to the Hotdog-ChickenWingSauce-Pizza-Sandwich I saw BCJ eat once. Seriously. That's not fiction.

Toilet Humor?

All in all, I guess I would give this little hexagonal heart-clogger a 1 out of 5 bells (sans bowl of chili) and a 3 out of 5 long-nights-in-the-bathroom with the chili accompaniment.
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Blogger Eemos declared...

Usually, I wouldn't regress back in time and retro-comment, but Bassman the Thunder Sprite has just shared with me an indulgence that trumps both of the delectations mentioned in this post: The Kripsy Kreme Hamburger.

Suddenly, my arteries hurt. Curious.

2:51 PM  

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