Friday, March 10, 2006

Artful Dodgeball

Draing's Favorite Grade Eemos had asked me about some of my own, personal adventures, so that he knew what to expect out of me as a sidekick. Having grown up a middle-class, suburban kid, the only thing I was packin' was a collection of Jr. High stories. He was horrified. Luckily for me one aspect particularly interested him: Dodgeball.

Oh boy, do I hate dodgeball, but Eemos insisted that I teach him how to play. So that, in turn, he could teach me how to play better.
All's fair in love and idiotic pseudo-sports.

Eemos is pretty good, to say the least. They have a game kinda like this back on Badasery, but they use sharp objects instead of balls. It figures. The only difference other than that is that the throwee has to catch the projectile with his/her/its hands, feet, claws or teeth instead of just his/her/its flesh to count the thrower out. It all sounds a little like the typical Christmas Dinner at the Cork household. Digress: Engage. As would've been foretold by Miss Cleo, Eemos caught me with a lucky shot right in the snot-box. I guess he wasn't aware of the no face rule.
Yellow Stars
Mama said knock me out.

Unfortunately for me, Eemos has been taking CPR classes for the last couple of weeks, so he decided that it was time to put his knowledge to work. Fortunately, I regained consciousness before the mouth-to-mouth encore.
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3 Discourse(s):

Anonymous russ declared...

I once packed 5 pounds of raw ground turkey. The police dogs chased me until I fell down.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Eemos declared...

Did they gobble it up?

Ah, puns, how you tickle my insides!

7:32 AM  
Blogger dus7 declared...

I have duly visited, wishing to return the favor to eemos, but other than saying TY, I'm at a loss what to comment about!

Erm, Those are very nice torn legal pad drawings, she said cheerily.

10:08 PM  

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