Monday, February 27, 2006

Trading Spaces

My Family Crest You, the reader, may be wondering how I was able to fortify your planet with my presence. Let me enlighten you. World 1-2 exists on the opposite side of the Sun in relation to Earth.

The Sun obscures my homeworld from your scientists. World 1-2 follows the exact same orbit as this planet and even our year is almost exactly the same length; chronologically troublesome quarter-day and all. However, since World 1-2 is superior in every way to your planet, our revolution occurs in exactly 365.25 days as opposed to your impossible to remember 365.242somesuch days. We endeavor to pause the travel of our planet on what you call February 29th, so that we remain in complete obscurity to Earth. Or as you are known to us, World 1-1.
Walkin on the Sun
He's got a sunburn

Yes, I'm going to share a dirty little secret with you. Earth exists as a training world. Don't feel bad. After all, not everyone can be a big fish in a small pond. Your species is free to bumble about without the threat of real opposition such as enemies with shields that must be broken before they are defeated. Besides, how would one be able to measure the grandeur of World 1-2 without something less grand like World 1-1 with which to compare it?

After mastering all forms of combat, debate, mockery and romantic relations on World 1-2, I decided that it was time to "slum it" as the saying goes. I endeavored to leave World 1-2, and see if I could help out the novices here attain some level of status. So, I held my breath, jumped into the air, escaped World 1-2's gravity, waited 182 days and eventually collided with Earth. You may thank me later.
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Anonymous Anonymous declared...

What did you do while you were waiting 182 days? Did you at least have travel scrabble to keep you occupied?

4:22 PM  
Blogger Eemos declared...

It is hard for me to imagine anything more pitiful than playing Scrabble by oneself.

The short answer is then, no.

6:34 PM  

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