Friday, February 03, 2006

...These Are The Days of My Life

Within these páginas del Aytchtee Em Mell, I will catalog my past exploits. So, if you ever need a bedtime story for the wee ones, you can recant these texts.





I. Prologue (01-29-2006) - Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy. I am bEarth'ed.
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday


II. Characterization (02-05-2006) - Witty Week Title. This was what some people would call a fluff week.
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday


III. L'amour (02-12-2006) - If Loving Me Is Wrong, Right Is Stupid. Valentine Tales
Monday | St. Made Up Holiday Day | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday


IV. Down With The Sickness (02-19-2006) - These Are Not The 'Roids You're Looking For. Eemos goes on bedrest and gets memed.
Monday | Wednesday | Wednesday II | Thursday | Friday


V. Mardi Gras-ful (02-26-2006) - You Do Not Truly Know Someone Until You Fight Them. Eemos battles the Big Crazy John, and the whole crew partakes of some Mardi Graction.
Monday | Debauchery Day | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday


VI. Super Friends (03-05-2006) - What We Do In Life Echoes in Eternia. Draing gets some face-time, Josh and Seth get their comeuppance and the #1 Superfan gets introduced.
Lunes | Martes | Miércoles | Huevos | Viernes


VII. When Moosers Attack (03-12-2006) - We Sweep the Leg. Mooser is loos'ed upon the world.
Lundi | Mardi | Mercredi | Jeudi | St. Binge Drinking Day

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