Monday, February 20, 2006

Pitfallen, and I can't get up

My Family Crest Yesterday, I went outside to gather the mail; the postal derivation, not the 21st century version. Frontyard, ahoy!
That lawn needs some fertilizer

L'eau and behold, a murky swamp had accumulated on the otherwise immaculately manicured lawn. But was this the worst of the tribulations? Oh, Heavens! No! Three (not one or 1.5), but THREE reptilian monstrosities lurked in the wastes with only their scaly brows breaking the surface of the water. Immediately, my astute observation skills perceived that they were only able to open their festering maws to a preset angle and then abruptly close them again. What odd behavior. Perhaps a mating ritual? Evidence of a triplicate of grievous, debilitating injuries?

No matter! My only choice was to cross the murk using these strange, but yet still terrible creatures. I began my sojourn across their faces, when I discovered that I had made a chronological error! Lament! The beasts' mouths were about to open and snuff out my existence!! Thinking quickly, I balanced myself on the back of the second creature's head until they again returned their mandibles to a less bloodletting state. Three cheers for adaptability. What big teeth you have.
I used a 200mm lens at f2.0 to get this shot

If the fell beast would have but blinked, I would've been lost, LOST!, to the briny wastes of the 2 feet of water. What would've happened without my heroism? How much unsolicited mail would've gone un-recycled for more than 8 hours?
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Blogger Draing declared...

Yeah, it's not like you could've walked around the pond or anything.... It's like he wants an excuse to go jumping on crocodile heads.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Eemos declared...

They were actually alligators, my zoologically inept friend. I would think that a native of this planet would not need taxonomy tips from an extraterrestrial.

5:41 AM  

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