Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's NOT Badgers

Draing's Favorite Grade I guess Badasery doesn't have sarcasm. For Valentine's Day, I made Eemos a stuffed animal. He's got a little nametag and everything.
It's Baggers!
Would the real Baggers please stand up?

Except that where a teddy bear would have like, cotton or something, for stuffing, Baggers has cactus needles. And where a plush rabbit would have nice, soft, synthetic fur, Baggers has a paper bag held together with rubberbands.

It didn't have the intended effect. I am always amazed by the extent that Eemos can annoy me. Here I am trying to break precedent and actually irritate him, and he turns around and pronounces "Baggers" with a soft G. It doesn't help that everytime Eemos sees him, he shouts out, "It's BADGERS!!!!"

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Blogger Eemos declared...

I wouldn't expect you to be privy to the subtleties of Badaslic. Much lick ..I mean, like the double LL en español translates to a "Y" sound, the double G in Badaslic is pronounced softly.

6:21 AM  

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