Friday, February 03, 2006

Heritage Place

My Family Crest Many people ask me. "Eemos, could you please remove your foot from my trachea?" Wait, no, that seems paradoxical somehow.

What I meant to say was that I have been asked about my lineage many times. From whence did I come? To whence shant thou be'est going'd? My family name, Piazza, implies an Italian heritage. But, this is a ruse. If you simply, as they say, "click" my profile, you will see that I hail from the fertile plains of Badasery.
My coat of arms... and writing utensils

This wonderful land, stinking with damsels in distress and insane dictators whom laugh when they should be turning around, is found upon my home planet of World 1-2... This World, which directly succeeds the much less savage, yet frightfully dull World 1-1, is the cradle of my making. I very much look forward to my return to the motherland, once my videogame deeds here have been completed. I can only hope that upon my homecoming, I find it unspoiled and un-burned-to-ash. The propensity of any given hero's homeland to find itself ruined either after or directly preceding said hero's departure is not lost on this wayward adventurer; I assure you. I have left it in the more than capable hands of my sidekick, Turde. He always makes me laugh. Ah, Turde... Not that Draing isn't wonderful as a sidekick here on Earth, of course.

It may surprise you to know that many of the accounts found in your electronic, interactive leisure-stories are actually reenactments of my spoils in Badasery. One only need to journey to one's local Videoteca to chance upon any one of a hundred of my valiant tales in convenient cartridge or DVD form.
Can you defeat my Tiger Derivation Style?
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Blogger Draing declared...

I wish I could've gone to homecoming...

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