Monday, February 13, 2006

...For The Ninja That Has Everything

Draing's Favorite Grade Eemos has been bugging me lately about what to get his beau (his word, not mine), for Valentine's Day. His girlfriend is a ninja.
AAAHHHH!! I'm sorry! I'm Sorry! She's a Kunoichi. That was my best hat!

Umm. Anyway, he's beside himself trying to decide what to get. Man... That's a terrible thought. Two Ugh.

I'm not even sure that he has a girlfriend to be honest. Aside from the occassional brush with death from an unseen assailant, as Eemos says, I've never actually even seen her. If it weren't for the little kunai notes ("do not neglect to take out the trash") stuck in the walls, the fridge, etc, I'd say she was a figment of his imagination. I guess that says something about her nin... er.. kunoichi quality.
Eemos is oblivious to something? No way...

Whatever. When, I try to ask him what kind of present he wants to get, he just stands there with an idiotic, slack-jawed look on his face like he's trying to do long division in his head. Eventually, he comes around and says, "Lethal." Sorry, Big Guy. About the only lethal thing I have experience with is your laundry.
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Blogger Eemos declared...

Or how about your grammar. SWISH! they say!

5:58 AM  

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