Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoon Violence

Draing's Favorite Grade Since I'm fictional, I can get away with saying stuff you real people can't. So, I have to get some current events stuff off of my chest. Apparently, a certain subset of a group of people are up-in-arms, literally, about a cartoon that depicts the person that they hold most dear as a violent sociopath.

How does this subset choose to express its rage (with a cartoon)? As usual, the truth is stranger than fiction. This subset decides to commit unadulterated violence against people that have absolutely nothing to do with the thing that irritated them in the first place. That insult being a cartoon just so you don't forget.

If you miss the irony in this story, I wonder why you're even reading this blog.

Please, please, please know that I'm not talking about the group, only the subset. I can totally understand being ticked off. I'm sure that any organization would be upset if their head-honcho came under fire. But, come on, don't personify the very thing that has your pretzel in a twist.

"My sister just called me fat, so I'm going to eat her now!"
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