Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cadre You, Cadre Me

The list of what I consider to be formidable opponents is both vast and varied. If one is to be a savior, he (or she in these progressive times) needs 2 things. Something to savor... save, I mean, and something to save that thing from. Although savoring your enemy's defeat will most likely ensure continual motivation to rid the world(s) of evil.

I've had many run-ins with those that are ethically-challenged. In fact, they are so numerous (like ants in the mound) that I feel the need to classify them. My Nemecysts can be corralled into several groups: annoyances, miscreants and deviants.

Deviants: Big Crazy John, Unfunie the Clown, The Pickler, Yoooee, Huge-O The Strongy, Perstephanie, Bananners, Jab, Turbozachtron, Bassman, CMOS (no relation), ADHDam, The Prince of Fresh, Lord Matthew the Hill

Miscreants: Suicide Bob-ombers, The Grammar Police, The Librarian (curse her lexicon!), the Right Paddle, Vehicular Man, The Dancing Machine, General Tso and Brad Rangoon, Dump Trucks

Annoyances: the Yolk, ducks, being sick, vending machines, The Garage Door Opener That Won't Open Unless the Infernal Car is Right Up Against the Door, So It Makes Little Sense to Even Use It, Subtlety

Perhaps I will tell you of each of their defeats from time to time (and then link back here accordingly). How I do love order.

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Blogger Draing declared...

What about Dr. Cleaning Out the Fridge and Captain Keeping the Toilet Bowl Clean?

5:49 PM  

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