Thursday, February 16, 2006

Best Friends Forever?

Draing's Favorite Grade After listening VERY carefully outside Eemos' bedroom, I finally verified that his girlfriend is real after all. I might have a talent for this ninja stuff, too! I even found her screen name on the computer. At least, I hope that Eemos isn't screwing around on our resident assassin with someone tagged shadowQueen23.
Friendship=Broken Heart!
He should've gotten it in silver.

I think that it's legit, though. Eemos came home the other day beaming like he had just saved (or looted) a village. He apparently bought her a BFF necklace. I tried to tell him that Best Friends Forever probably isn't the sentiment that he wants to be selling (especially in Febs), but he wouldn't listen. He kept saying, "How can Best be bad?" Well, Best can apparently turn up missing, too. He managed to lose his half.
So Oinky!
I don't even like milk...

I just... I don't understand. I could park my Toyota on a wheelchair ramp, and if the cop were an officerette, she would probably bust a jaywalker instead. Yet, this Chicken McNumbskull can lose something you freaking WEAR AROUND YOUR NECK and still score.

I guess I do benefit in one way, though. I get to see how he will hide the fact that he and his gf aren't Best Friends Forever anymore, just Best Fries.
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Blogger Kimmy declared...

Pass the ketchup.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Eemos declared...

I would love to do so. Unfortunately, Draing used the very last of it coloring this site. He even had to utilize a butter knife to get the last little bit out. Now it's everywhere.

8:18 PM  

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