Friday, February 03, 2006

The Adventure Begins!

My Family Crest My brother-in-law presented to me this wonderful magical-mirror with which I am now communicating with you, the fortunate voyeur. I have found that scribing the details of my various heroic exploits to be as invigorating as committing the deeds themselves! How cyclic! Portrait of a Hero/Winner
I am giving humanity the "thumbs up!"

"But, Eemos," one might ask, "Why should I tune my IntraWeb Exploring Apparatus to your particular dimension of the ManaSpace?”

The answer, insolent one, is that I am more exciting than you are. At times, I am a colonial Space Marine. I philander with the occasional ninja assassination. Oft-times, I rescue not only the princess but also the occasional, effeminate prince. And, all of these particular acts occurred before my 15th year.

Fortunately for you, many enterprising individuals have made it the lamentable purpose in their lives to catalog my life in the form of Video Games. Oh ho! How I chortle at the thought of my enterprises being considered leisure! As experiencing my life would indeed be hazardous to these videogame practitioners, or as I refer to them… dorks, the experience must be abstracted.
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